Data geek. News nerd. Web producer. Sound gatherer. Public records requester. Social media maven. Storyteller.

With 15 years in and out of newsrooms, I know what makes a good story. My portfolio goes beyond print — with interactive features, maps, databases and sound. You’ll find my work on KALW and in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the California Health Report, the San Jose Mercury News and beyond.

Current Projects


good karma bikesHomelessness in the South Bay on KALW.

Learn how homeless people are fairing after the closure of one of the country’s largest encampments. (Hint: They feel they are being shuffled around.)

There’s a bike shop in San Jose with a mission to help some of Silicon Valley’s poorest get around on two wheels. Find out how the world spins at Good Karma Bikes. 

unions in silicon valley

Silicon Valley unions tally up wins, plan next moves, in the Business Journal.

Tech bus drivers say union, yes

Creating a movement for better pay.

(helping out)

I did a tape sync with Reply All. It’s a podcast you should totally listen to if you care about the internet and technology. It’s fun. It’s informative. Check it out! Learn about San Jose’s own master Wikipedia editor in this edition. (PS: It was so much fun to listen in on someone else’s interview and meet with their source.)

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AND: Looking for immigrants to the United States living in Santa Clara County. Drop me a line if you want to share your story of America as part of a series of interviews.